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“This is an anatomy of Shivah, and while it was originally shot in real time, it has been edited with the perspective that only time can give. It gives viewers a glimpse into events that take place behind closed doors and touches on issues so profound, so private that they are rarely put on film. This is truly a pioneering documentary.”
Yehuda Stav , Yediot Aharonot Israel Largest News Paper

This private-personal journal of mourning is a uniquely moving, universal document. It stayed with me for days”
Tami Migdal, Art Historian, Haifa

“A courageous film and a brave director. Speaks to everyone’s heart. I laughed and cried the whole time.”
Leah Aharoni, Psychologist. Tel Aviv

"A groundbreaking film that will join the list of classic documentaries. Unforgettable."
Ronnie Sharfman, Prof of Literature, NY.

"Stirs feelings on so many levels. An exciting and meaningful film that links human issues from the present and the past.
A true piece of art."
Doli Ronen, Jerusalem

"Your film is very interesting. For an inch not pretentious, told seriously,
but in a light way- reminds us all that life is mercilessly and we should ask questions we want to ask before it is too late… The film is also cleverly constructed, every day of mourning (every chapter) deals with a different problem.
Jacek Bromski, Director,
President of The Association of Polish Filmmakers



2004 (C) Katzir Poductions