The Film's Characters

Ziona Rabau (born Katinsky and Shartok),1907-1995

(Mother of Yael for whom the Shiva is been held)

Born to Biluyim Family in the Arabic village Eein Sinya (near Ramalla), Grew up in Tel Aviv to her Parents Tova and Baruch who were among the founders of Tel Aviv.
Ziona Graduated from the Herzeliya High School, was a member of the organization for the Defense of the Hebrew Language, and was a member of the Hagana Underground.

She studied at Queens College London and got her BSC degree in Chemistry and Nutrition.(Actually she wished to learn Music but was convinced by her cousin Moshe Sharet (2ed Prime Minister of Israel) that a profession that will serve Zionism is more important).
Back in Israel she was a teacher in Nahalal Women's Agricultural School and in Tel ľAviv. Later she became Consultant for the Kibbutzim and the IDF in: Kitchens Managements and Nutrition. Ziona married Prof. Rabau in 1936.
She wrote and published the books:" In Tel Aviv of the Sand Dunes" "Back to Tel Aviv"
"I am a Tel -Avivian" Mother of 3 : Nurit, Yael and Micha, Grandmother of 7, and Great grandmother of 1


Prof. Erwin Rabau 1899-1983 (Yael's father)

Born in Berlin, Graduated from the Humanistic Gymnasium, served in an artillery division in the west front in WWI. Studied Medicine in Berlin and Heidelberg, He was a member of the Zionist Youth Movement Blue and White. He joined the Moabit Hospital in Berlin in 1924 and became a senior gynecologist by 1933 when he flue away to Israel from the Nazis. In Tel Aviv he was among the founders of Modern Medicine, and head of the Gynecologist and obstetrics department in the newly built modern hospitals of Asuta, Beilinson, Hayrkon, and Shiba. He delivered over 20.000 kids. He was one of the pioneers in the research and developed as well as later applied treatment of sterility in women. (This was his answer to Hitler). Was decorated as Dignitary Citizen of Tel Aviv.
Married Ziona, 1936 had three children Nurit, Yael and Micha and 7 grandchildren


Yael Katzir

(See Biography of the Director)

Independent Producer director
2 Children Dan and Tami
Married to Abraham Katzir, Prof of Physics Tel Aviv University




Nurit Kennan Kedar

Older Sister of Yael Katzir
Prof of Art History and Dean of the Faculty of Arts Tel Aviv University.
2 sons Hagi Baruch and Jonathan ľOr
Married to Benjamin Kedar, Prof of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem





Micha Rabau  (

Younger Brother of Yael Katzir
Prof of General Surgery and Proctology, Yiclov Hospital and Medical center, Tel Aviv
3 Children: Michal, Oded. Anat
Married to Dr Ilana Friedman, Gynecologist, Shiba Hospital





Zefira Baruch ľOgen

Aunt of Yael Katzir The Younger sister of her Mother Ziona
Dr of Hebrew Literature, Psychologist, Musician, writer.
1 daughter : Naomi.





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